Support young patients
and become a hero

Thanks to regular contributions
we can...

Ensure full period of cancer treatment
for children

*we currently fund 3 months of treatment

Take matters
in your own hands

See how you can organize help for the children

Purchase our calendar with Polish Volleyball team

The iconic gadget of the Polish national team fan is now available in our online store. By choosing your contribution for min. 100 PLN, you will get free shipping!

Organize a fundraiser

Patronage at zrzutka.pl is a way to carry out birthday and other occasional collections – use it by adding our foundation to the beneficiaries.

Donate 1.5% of your tax

Do you remember about the simple yet crucial percentage every year? Civic activity is a superpower, too!

KRS: 0000323696
Runs, actions & charity events

We support children during sports events and other actions on a regular basis. Your idea has the power of doing good.

Donate your hair

Within the Share Your Childhood action, you can donate your un-dyed hair for the patients of our foundation: 40 cm or more in case of women or at least 35 cm in case of men.

We make a difference
for each child everyday