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This is how
our voluntary work looks like

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These are
our volunteers’

  • Helping organize and coordinate charity events

  • Carrying out public collections for the foundation

  • Offering support at the children's oncology ward – visits, special actions

your talent

  • on-site volunteering
  • e-volunteering means sharing your skills remotely
  • employee volunteering at your company

We are also glad to collaborate with volunteers with specialized skill sets. Do you have legal knowledge? Skills with video editing? Know how to create graphics? Have experience with technologies that may come handy? We are keen to talk.

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Volunteering with us is an opportunity to develop new skills

Gain experience in organizing and coordinating events, in teamwork, as well as in preparing photos and videos for our social media. Each time the goal is the same – helping children who struggle with cancer.

Our approach to volunteering is determined by the current needs and actions. Your skills and enthusiasm will have a great value for us, especially during collections and handling of our stalls. Of course, we also visit our patients in the Institute of Mother and Child – we try to lighten the life of children in the course of their stay at the oncology ward.

Aneta Rostkowska-Rau
We work with exceptional people. They are in different age, have many talents. For them, the most important thing is to help and be with us where it is currently needed and organize support for the children.
Aneta Rostkowska-Rau
Foundation Board member responsible for volunteering


We are glad that you want to become a Hero and help our beneficiaries. Complete the form below so that we can get to know you and your skills a little better.The form consists of three steps and will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete.

If you don't have that much time, complete the part now and then come back to us - your progress will be saved

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Because being a hero
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